Ruffle Dress & Trench

I bought this ruffle dress from H&M a few days ago with a 35% off coupon (expires May 27th). I’ve seen it in stores on numerous occasions but never had enough incentive to pick it up until now. What did you buy with your 35% off coupon? H&M dress + trench, Marc Jacobs bag, F21 necklace, and Ziginy shoes And… View Post

Casual Outfit : Rosettes and Lavender

This Crewcuts dress torments me. It has so many attractive features: the print, the texture, and the weight (or lack thereof). Unfortunately, because it’s a dress made for little girls, it fits me like a potato sack. Over the last year, I’ve worn it with a belt, as a top, under a blazer, disguised as a skirt, but I think… View Post

The February Challenge: Day 14 : Pants Dilemma Revisited

Thank you all for your candid responses to an earlier post in which I sought out your advice for what I should do with my beloved Theory pants. Just as I was getting ready to hem it to ankle length, bf urged me to use the style snaps (which, btw, didn’t work for me; if you are interested in trying… View Post

The February Challenge: Day 5 : Hemming Woes

I bought these Theory pants last summer and briefly contemplated doing my own DIY hem but abandoned the plan at the eleventh hour because I didn’t have enough confidence to operate on such a fine piece of garment. Ann Taylor blouse, J. Crew coat, Theory pants, Ziginy shoes, and Prada bag I also haven’t decided how much to hem it… View Post

OOTD: Winter Pleat

I woke up this morning and briefly thought spring had arrived. It was a tepid high 50’s today but felt more like the mid-60s. I didn’t take any chances and took full advantage of the nice weather. Yes, I did get weird looks for not wearing a coat but it was so worth it. Ann Taylor top, Club Monaco skirt,… View Post

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