Casual Outfit : Rosettes and Lavender

This Crewcuts dress torments me. It has so many attractive features: the print, the texture, and the weight (or lack thereof). Unfortunately, because it’s a dress made for little girls, it fits me like a potato sack. Over the last year, I’ve worn it with a belt, as a top, under a blazer, disguised as a skirt, but I think… View Post

The February Challenge: Day 14 : Pants Dilemma Revisited

Thank you all for your candid responses to an earlier post in which I sought out your advice for what I should do with my beloved Theory pants. Just as I was getting ready to hem it to ankle length, bf urged me to use the style snaps (which, btw, didn’t work for me; if you are interested in trying… View Post

The February Challenge: Day 5 : Hemming Woes

I bought these Theory pants last summer and briefly contemplated doing my own DIY hem but abandoned the plan at the eleventh hour because I didn’t have enough confidence to operate on such a fine piece of garment. Ann Taylor blouse, J. Crew coat, Theory pants, Ziginy shoes, and Prada bag I also haven’t decided how much to hem it… View Post

OOTD: Winter Pleat

I woke up this morning and briefly thought spring had arrived. It was a tepid high 50’s today but felt more like the mid-60s. I didn’t take any chances and took full advantage of the nice weather. Yes, I did get weird looks for not wearing a coat but it was so worth it. Ann Taylor top, Club Monaco skirt,… View Post

OOTD: When You Judge Another, You Do Not Define Them, You Define Yourself

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself – Wayne Dyer The top and shorts worn in this post were recent acquisitions. I had mentioned in passing that every new purchase was under scrutiny because of my Closet Crisis but these two safely made the cut. I see potential for both items when not worn together… View Post

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