Last Summer Days

These photos were taken before the stay-home orders were issued Someone I occasionally interface with on Zoom is always impeccably made up, and leaves no small detail unconsidered: from professional(-seeming) blowouts to fanciful ear jackets (which make me wish I had ear piercings), she exudes pre-pandemic vibes. And little by little, I too am climbing out of the sartorial rut…

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Chambray & Tweed (+ Why ‘Unflattering’ Clothes Don’t Exist)

In recent years, I have grown tired of the insidious pursuit of “flattering.” While there is nothing inherently problematic with wanting to wear clothes that fit well and that accentuate one’s shape, more and more I feel that the word and its antonym have been used as a weapon to denigrate and homogenize. I admit to using “flattering” and “unflattering”…

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