Review: Zara Mini Office City Bag

A friend, one somewhat smaller than me in weight/height, had been peppering me with questions about the Michael by Michael Kors Large Selma Satchel (reviewed here) in navy. She liked Selma’s concept but found the bag in large overwhelming for her small frame. We weren’t able to locate the medium Selma Messenger in navy and she dejectedly gave up her… View Post

Asian Fashion Adventures: Persun Mall

Avid consumers of fashion blogs are no stranger to the array of “global” shopping sites that have sprung up in the last year. They infiltrated various blogging alcoves quickly and offered clothes in exchange for features with few strings attached, leaving both sides marginally happier.  I too have been intrigued by these stores but remain skeptical because of how formulaic… View Post

Denim and Houndstooth (+ On Purse Politics)

I read an interesting article in the NYT the other day – aptly titled “purse politics.” In it is an exploration of female politicians and their bag choice. Though it pains me that the author of the piece called the use of a “purse boy” by women in politics a power/status symbol (why can’t aids just be called aides? And… View Post

Pop of Pink

A fun – textured #andorpersand printed – jacket can add unexpected dimension to the most boring of outfits. I am currently fixated on jackets I would formerly consider wildly impractical (like this brocade bomber jacket). For someone like me whose closet holds a lot of pieces in solid and bright colors, the logical next step to take seems to be… View Post

Black, White, and Blue

No weekly shopping update this week because I have been too distracted by the beautiful weather outside to take pictures (even poor-quality phone pictures) of items from the last week. A roundup of some recent purchases: I splurged on two J. Crew Collection Cashmere Cable Sweaters (>70% off with code SPRINGTHAW), decided to keep the Kate Spade Lisa pumps in… View Post

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