One trend intensified by the current tidal wave of statement sleeves is the puff sleeve, which I have always loved because of its association with Disney princesses (seriously, advertising dollars spent on children are worth every penny). There’s a sweetness to the detail that really appeals to the 5yo in me. For those of you who enjoy the trend as… View Post

Gold Accents (+ Mid-Week Required Reading)

Longtime readers of this blog know that my favorite holidays are the-week-after-Halloween and the-week-after-Easter, when holiday-themed candy go on sale. In recent years, though, retailers near me seemed to have cracked the code for minimizing stock of unsold holiday candy. Cheap candy is now more of a wish than an expectation and my friends don’t hear the end of it.… View Post

Radiant Orchid Take 2

You’ll probably see this skirt with some regularity this year as I experiment with other combinations (outside of gray and black, I hope). I want to wear it with lemon yellow, pumpkin orange, lipstick red, lawn green, and periwinkle blue. If only the weather would cooperate. Zara Coat with Gathered Shoulder and Metallic Button | Zipia Lace Cropped Top (similar)… View Post

Buffalo Check (+ Clutch on Chain)

I’ve worn denim on denim with a print before and consider it a fairly reliable formula for casual wear. While everything about the combination is slightly trendy, denim is a great equalizer. Zara Coat with Gathered Shoulder and Metallic Buttons | Zara Checked Sweatshirt (similar) | H&M Denim Shirt | Forever 21 Classic Midsize  Faux Leather Clutch with Zara Chain… View Post

Filigree Cardigan

On the rare occasion that I’d have sufficient time to scrutinize an outfit, the question I pose to myself is this: What is the perceived gap between the present outfit and the potential outfit? Take this outfit as an example, before adding a wider, waist-cinching belt, the cardigan tucked awkwardly into the skirt and the zipper shifted in misalignment with… View Post

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