Urban Outfitters Order + Small Tulle Skirt

I am sure some of you may remember an order I placed with Urban Outfitters about two weeks ago. I had initially placed the order because I really wanted the Kimchi Blue Scallop Skirt that Lisa blogged about but UO shipped my order but canceled the skirt. Thankfully I didn’t go over the board and order too many unnecessary things.…

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Urban Outfitters Deals + PFC4 Fail #1

I have waited with bated breath for this Pins and Needles Peter Pan Bodysuit to go on further sale for at least a month now (I know I am ridiculous…but I like to set a threshold for when a clothing purchase becomes not a splurge) and was going to take the plunge yesterday when I could have stacked three codes…

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Closet Purging Time : To Keep or Not to Keep, That’s the Question

I started collecting red dresses about three years ago. I am not entirely certain how this particular hobby came about but it has gotten a little out of control. I am currently in the process of cleaning out my closet and donating what I don’t wear/haven’t worn and can use some unbiased opinions about which ones to keep and which…

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