Review: Uniqlo HEATTECH Ultra Stretch Leggings Pant

For once I am actually fulfilling requests in a timely manner! As requested (by a few people), here is a (more) thorough review of the Uniqlo HEATTECH Ultra Stretch Leggings Pant, which was a monthly favorite back in February and has been seen here and there. My pandemic work “uniform” of late fall comprises oversized sweaters with full sleeves¹ and…

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February Favorites

Another month, another batch of favorites. February, along with January (and maybe even March), is a sartorial low point for me. I just really struggle to find joy/motivation/inspiration in getting dressed when it’s cold out. But I somehow managed to make some excellent (for now; time will be the judge) purchases despite the weather; here they are: —————— Rebecca Taylor…

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