Toucan Hats Cream Packable Wide Bow Sunhat


Mango Rich

Some people travel for culture. Others travel for the sights. I am in the small minority who travel to eat; I will fly to Tokyo…

Review: Carhartt Convertible Backpack Tote

A whole industry has sprung up to cater to adherents of the one-bag (and 1.5 bag) travel movement, devising solutions for people who optimize their…

Last Summer Days

These photos were taken before the stay-home orders were issued Someone I occasionally interface with on Zoom is always impeccably made up, and leaves no…

Summer White

I have fallen behind on blogging so posting may remain sporadic through the next week: I do have a number of posts near completion so…

Heat Wave

If the forecast can be trusted, we may finally be getting some relief from this heat dome. While I spent much of the weekend sheltering…

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