Field Jacket & Plaid Skirt

I own so many field jackets. Like, an unjustifiable number of them. So I had initially ordered the Classic Field Jacket from J. Crew “for my mom,” but she was lukewarm about the style while I unexpectedly liked it. And in my closet it went; but I am glad I kept it, because this little jacket has been a workhorse…

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Review: J. Crew Nordic Parka

Touted as J. Crew’s “warmest coat ever,” the Nordic Parka (available in two colors—olive and navy) quickly made my to-try list. After close to two decades of northeast living, I should be an expert winter survivalist but I am still on the prowl for the next outerwear unicorn, i.e., a coat that is exceptionally warm, fairly priced, and reasonably stylish.… View Post

Green Gingham (+ Mid-Week Required Reading)

I have very little to say about this outfit. By now you should know that green-and-blue is my crutch (and should be yours too). What I have are a ton of articles for you to read, some dense, others light, as I am sure most of you will need to kill time aboard or awaiting transportation to wherever your holiday… View Post

Olive & Plaid (+ Kate Spade Sale Picks)

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut trying to dress warmly for the winter. On most morning, I would mechanically put on a knee length skirt, a sweater, a long coat, and tall boots before languidly drifting out the door. It’s not the most inventive way to dress but is perhaps one of the safest. Forever 21 Cable Knit… View Post

Lace Espadrilles

I have been infatuated with lace espadrilles (or, as pictured, more affordable crochet slip-ons; additional colors here) for some time now. While they are unflattering on my “athletic” legs, I like them enough to dismiss any vanity about my own perceived shortcomings. Lest I ruin them for you, I want to emphasize they are really not universally truncating. And they… View Post

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