Menocore Lite

I’ve been talking breathlessly to friends about the quiet beach getaway that I am planning (and the cute beach dresses that I’ll finally get to wear) since this spring, just after I made my first vaccine appointment, but for various reasons the trip simply hasn’t materialized. And playing dress-up has been my coping mechanism: floaty white tunics, wide-leg linen pants,…

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New Prep

Every summer I announce my intention to “play more tennis,” but the truth is I just really like tennis outfits (sign me up for any clothing that’s technical AND stylish). I just can’t get enough of the sport’s flirty mini skirts and colorful headbands. I don’t even sweat it when tennis chic veers into rich mom territory: when the sweater… View Post

Review: J. Crew Smocked-Waist Pleated Dress

I have mixed feelings about the resurgence of smocking details in clothing. I mean, for a (long) time in the early aughts, I was all about Juicy Couture terry cloth dresses with smocked bodices, so the nostalgia factor is there for me. But smocking can also really cheapen an article of clothing, so there’s no shortage of design train wrecks…

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Lace Up

Do you have a “as-soon-as-I-am-fully-vaccinated-I-am-going-to” wish list? I recently received my first shot of the Covid vaccine, and have started daydreaming (with breakthrough infections as a possibility in mind) about the moments of normality that are awaiting me in the not-too-distant future. The first two items on my wish list are: Run outside maskless. While I’ve been running outside with…

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Spring Tweed: Sister Jane Trifle Tweed Mini Dress

My favorite fashion trend for spring is the exaggerated puff sleeve, which is part of the “romantic” wave that also brought back bustier tops and full skirts. One of the pieces I recently “invested” in is this dramatic Trifle Tweed Mini Dress (also sold here and here), which evokes a Regency-era sensibility (i.e., an empire silhouette) and incorporates the shorter…

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