A Tale of Three Shoes: Kate Spade, Luichiny, and Steve Madden

Kate Spade Sippy Pump / Luichiny Daz Ey Pump / Steve Madden Ravesh Pump November was the best of times, it was the worst of times… November was the month of indiscretion, marked by countless spontaneous purchases guided by irresistible sales, and November was also the month during which many snapshot decisions were made that determined the fate of my… View Post

Review: Vince Camuto Follie Wedge Sneakers

Are wedge sneakers an oxymoron or a stroke of genius? I have always liked the concept but find the style with high-tops to have a truncating effect on my legs (upright tongues swallow parts of my already bulky calves). Still, once an idea plants itself on my mind, it sprouts uninhibitedly and eventually festers. Never one to let a trend… View Post

Review: J. Crew Valentina Pumps vs. Kate Spade Licorice Pumps

On uninspired days, I opt for vanilla combinations like navy and white with a dash of red. It’s classic, patriotic, if not bromidic. With a few accessories and texture play, though, even boring combinations can be rejuvenated. One of my other safe bets is the traffic light, an examples of which can be found here.  What color combinations do you… View Post

Review: Salvatore Ferragamo Varina Flats

I am a fan of the Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Pumps (buy here) and ordered the Varina Flats to try some time ago. I didn’t keep them but wanted to share my thoughts. The design is classic with a feminine touch; I think the Varina is as classic a design for bow flats as they come. I also enjoy the myriad… View Post

Review: Le Chameau Iris II Boots vs. Hunter Original Tall Boots

Read part I here. To the untrained eye, rain boots more or less look like carbon copies of each other. However, for the best boots, the devil is in the details. The Hunter Original Tall Boots and the Le Chameau Iris II Boots have a few minor differences that may make one the superior choice for you. I’ll quickly go… View Post

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