Rider (+ J. Crew Rider Bag Review)

From flared trousers to clunky platforms, 70s trends are having a moment. Saddlebags, one of the era’s key accessories, can now be found as easily at big box stores as on runways. I almost purchased the Chloé Small Marcie Leather Crossbody Bag last year (and test-drove one from a friend’s collection for a few weeks earlier this year), but found… View Post

Everlane Rounded Collar Silk Blouse

Strangely, or I suppose it’s just seasonable, whenever I wear this ensemble to lunch, a snow storm would descend upon an otherwise forecast-to-be-dry day. Sure, it’d be cold (maybe it’s punishment for my dressing so inappropriately for the weather) but there would be no other indications of precipitation. But I am really tired of the snow so this ensemble will… View Post

Green Clutch (Forever 21 Classic Midsize Faux Leather Clutch)

Some people grimace when they hear that I shop at Forever 21. Where’s your environmental consciousness, they’d ask. Trumped by trend curiosity, I’d retort with some indignation not to be confused with justification. What they don’t know is that I am simply too much of a Scrooge to allow my merchandise credit to go unused. It’s a two-year campaign that… View Post

Stripes and Floral (Take II)

Happy Independence Day! 2013 has been an eventful year, to say the least. In the course of a day, SCOTUS struck down DOMA and maimed the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Just yesterday, the Egyptian military deposed Mohamed Morsi and stifled the growth of the Muslim Brotherhood, priming for perhaps the next chapter of the Arab Spring. In March, the… View Post

Review: J. Crew Valentina Pumps vs. Kate Spade Licorice Pumps

On uninspired days, I opt for vanilla combinations like navy and white with a dash of red. It’s classic, patriotic, if not bromidic. With a few accessories and texture play, though, even boring combinations can be rejuvenated. One of my other safe bets is the traffic light, an examples of which can be found here.  What color combinations do you… View Post

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