Wear It Five Ways: Diane von Furstenberg Lace Zarita Dress

Few women I know can resist the lure of lace dresses; I, for one, am a hopeless fanatic. I have lace dresses in various styles and colors but my “collection” always feels one short of being complete. One dress that I’ve pined for is the Diane von Furstenberg Lace Zarita Dress, a fan favorite that has returned season after season… View Post

Sartorial Bucket List #1 : Theory Gratian Jacket + Joanie Skirt in Lecture

A perfect tweed suit has always been high on my priority list but finding the right material and style isn’t always easy. I should preface this post by saying that in no way am I advocating that you go out, buy a seriously oversized skirt suit, and beg your favorite tailor to take it in five sizes. I would imagine… View Post

Sartorial Bucket List # 5 : Burberry London Mottram Trench

My love affair with Burberry trenches started early – who can forget Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? But it was Kate Moss shilling for the brand that finally did me in.  Kate Moss in Burberry, Vogue Burberry, being an elite fashion house, naturally prices their trenches appropriately (not impossible but not chump change either) and I struggled with myself… View Post

Sartorial Bucket List #9 : Red Blazer For Fall

I am pretty iffy when it comes to pre-owned pieces, especially clothes and shoes. Additionally, the thrift and consignment stores I have visited before rarely have something that appeals to me or fits me. I am, however, a sometime bargain hunter on ebay and decided to take a chance on this pre-owned Ralph Lauren red blazer. I should first say… View Post

Sartorial Bucket List #7 : Patent Red Belt

I’ve been looking for a modestly-priced red belt for some time now but for some reason it took me until last weekend to find the right one (actually, two). I very recently became a belt convert – since starting a blog I’ve become more conscious of the use of belts and other accessories to adorn my outfits. Red is one… View Post

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