Not Slozy

Slozy (a portmanteau combining slutty and cozy) is en vogue, with countless upsides. I am all about looking square and presentable when I leave the house, but in private I have fully embraced slozy (it is also a perfectly acceptable outdoor aesthetic). There is much to love, chiefly in how it reframes questionable life choices: you invite concern when you… View Post


Winter Fleece Lined Cable Knitted Pom Pom Beanie Hat in Charcoal || Zara Masculine Coat (past season; similar here) || H&M Sweater (similar here) || Saint Laurent Sac De Jour in Fog (also here) || The Gap Legging Jeans (size 24P) || Cole Haan Abbot Booties in Stormcloud Suede (also here, here, here, and here) We are slowly approaching peak… View Post

The Vicious Sale Circle

Uri Minkoff (brother of Rebecca Minkoff and CEO of her namesake brand) compared discounting to a drug in this Wall Street Journal article about brands throttling discounts at department stores in the hopes of weaning shoppers off aggressive sales and regaining some control over pricing. The article mentioned JCPenney‘s failed experiment, which I had nearly forgotten about until the anecdote jogged… View Post

Fall Essentials (+ Neiman Marcus’s Best Gift Card Event)

I was recently asked to share my “fall essentials,” and this outfit conveniently incorporated some of them. This is a look I can see myself wearing repeatedly without tiring of any one element—and it can easily be updated: swap the OTK boots for UGG booties, trade the neutral wool coat for a colorful fur jacket, try a corduroy mini in… View Post

Fog & Olive Juice

I am a fan of evocative color names—even when they are abstruse. Most brands do an adequate job of associating color names with the reference color, but sometimes those connections are hard to make. The most egregious offenders are in paint; it’s rarer that fashion brands might miss the mark entirely. My theory is that, in fashion, when brands try… View Post

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