Cropped Cardigan & Plaid Skirt

I “discovered” a public green space in my town this spring that is connected to the outside world by a single unpaved (winding! dead-end!!) road. For a few weeks it felt like my backyard since I was often the only one there. I stopped going regularly over the summer when people started showing up (not in vast numbers, but enough… View Post

Review: Tory Burch Small Lee Radziwill Leather Bag

After much deliberation, I decided to keep the Tory Burch Small Lee Radziwill* Leather Bag in Daylily (a punchy yellow). A decision this conflicting usually doesn’t end well, but I came to an agreement with my mom where we’ll share custody of the bag; so, even if I don’t wear it much, it won’t go unused (a cop-out, no doubt).…

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Work to Weekend Dress

It’s been a rough few months: my immune system can’t seem to catch a break between the hay fever and then a lingering cold. The inconvenient truth of adulthood is that no matter how miserable I feel, life (i.e., one’s various obligations) must go on, and there’s no getting around having to get appropriately dressed for stuff. So for work…

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Bright White & Faux Tortoiseshell

Has the sleeveless button front dress become more ubiquitous than usual? Sure, it’s a timeless style that gets recycled every year, but I am seeing it everywhere this spring. I am not complaining, though, as the current crop features slightly longer hemlines and a more streamlined shape, making them appealing to all age groups. Here are a few more options… View Post

Denim Blazer + Crossover Pant

The Club Monaco Yolande pants (reviewed here) that I like a lot and wear with frequency are now on sale at Nordstrom, Club Monaco, and Shopbop. It’s the best kind of statement piece: pronounced enough to make an impact, but not so loud that it demands attention. For spring, I’ve been wearing these pants with lace-trimmed or covered-button adorned camisoles…

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