Spring Tweed (Pink, White, and Speckles of Gold)

I am a sucker for tweed. Some people find it a bit mature but I can’t get enough of it. I found this tweed skirt at H&M a few weeks ago but my store didn’t have my size and at the time I thought the the pleat/fold in the front was questionable and might be unflattering so I didn’t pursue… View Post

OOTD : Late Last Night

I learned how to tie a tie last night and immediately “borrowed” a few (with little to no intention to return, mostly from my brother) to try and then paraded around town showcasing my newly acquired skill (yes, I am sure I WAS that bratty five-year-old who bragged to everyone about my latest fingerpainting masterpiece). Additionally, with regard to my… View Post

Cocktail Dress Hour : Marc Jacobs Feather Dress

I haven’t done one of these posts in forever so I thought I’d go shopping in my closet and see what I can find. I had forgotten how much I adored this dress, unfortunately it’s never been worn outside of my closet (not hard to figure, it’s WAY too low-cut). I plan to get the front altered so I can… View Post

Marc by Marc Jacobs Primrose Garden Dress

I wrote a post last week of me wearing a MbMJ dress with a full skirt and I mentioned how I love the style. This is another MbMJ dress that is similar in style. This is currently my favorite casual day dress at the moment, I just love the floral print and the fullness of the skirt. I am wearing… View Post

Casual Outfits: Marc Jacobs Dress, Chinese Laundry Shoes & F.A.N.G. Jacket

This is my first Marc Jacobs dress, I got it off ebay, it was advertised as being a runway piece (in retrospect that was probably just an advertising tactic). It wasn’t cheap, but I love the color and needed a spring dress. However, in spite of it being an XS, it was still pretty baggy on me. I think the… View Post

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