Blazer Dress with Pearl Buttons

When shopping offline, I tend to wander aimlessly and be moored occasionally by interesting fabrics and unique shapes, but browsing online is a more deliberate process guided by search terms and filters. The latter predictably produces more misses than hits, because it’s easy to distort two-dimensional images (e.g., color-correcting unflattering shades, and slimming tent-like shapes). I remind myself, when online…

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White Sheath Dress

Every closet houses trophy pieces: for some, it’s a pair of sky-high Louboutin stilettos; for others, it might be a vintage designer find. Like real trophies, trophy pieces have rich backstories. The essence of being a trophy piece entails a life spent (mostly) hanging in a closet, which stands in contrast to workhorse pieces, which lead busier lives alternating between…

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