Review: Tory Burch Small Lee Radziwill Leather Bag

After much deliberation, I decided to keep the Tory Burch Small Lee Radziwill* Leather Bag in Daylily (a punchy yellow). A decision this conflicting usually doesn’t end well, but I came to an agreement with my mom where we’ll share custody of the bag; so, even if I don’t wear it much, it won’t go unused (a cop-out, no doubt).…

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Review: J. Crew V-Neck Fringe Sheath Dress

First, a word about the posting schedule: Work has completely taken over my waking life, leaving me with so little energy that I lack the wherewithal to complete the many half-written drafts that I previously started. Posting may remain sporadic for the little while. Onward! This eminently wearable tweed dress (also comes in “black rainbow”) is now on sale! Use…

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