White Tweed & Turquoise Accents

On days when I can’t be sure what to wear, I like to start with a neutral base and add some colorful accents (be it a colorful belt, necklace or shoes – I try to keep the accent color uniform) to complete the outfit. Can you ever go wrong when you pair turquoise with white? Is there an infallible color… View Post

Two Tweeds

Lately, I find myself having trouble resisting a “good” affordable tweed item – I’ve been craving this tweed skirt from Ann Taylor since the day I laid eyes on it and finally pulled the trigger when I unexpectedly found one in a small size in stores. The 0P was roomy in the waist but the length was perfect for a… View Post

Ruffles and Pleats

J and I went to see the Dictator last weekend. We are usually the takeout and HIMYM rerun crowd but couldn’t resist SBC‘s latest work. We love (and cite endlessly lines from) Borat and crass humor so the Dictator is very much our cup of tea. If you enjoyed Borat but found Bruno to have crossed the line (with excessive… View Post

Mixing Prints and Texture

A relative novice in mixing prints and textures, I am often more comfortable pairing a bolder print with a more subtle print. When I am feeling extra adventurous I add in a textured piece (like tweed) which adds interest but isn’t gaudy. What’s your rule for mixing prints and textures? Rugby shirt, Theory blazer, J. Crew skirt + bag, and… View Post

Anchor Print

One of my favorite prints this year is the anchor print. It injects a splash of summer into everything that bears its emblem. I found my first anchor-print item this year at Forever 21 – this blouse combines two of my favorite elements: bows and anchors. I wasn’t able to find a size small (or a medium) at the time,… View Post

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