Fuchsia Maxi + Salmon Blazer

There are days when I really don’t like my muscle-y legs but in the spirit of being body-positive I’ll either force myself to wear something inappropriately short or some tight pants. After a few hours in them I’ll realize that no one (except my bdd-addled morning brain) gives two @#$! about legs when you draw their attention to something more…

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Minnie Would Be Proud

Whenever I pull out this belt I can never resist the temptation of styling my outfit around it. Minnie Mouse remains my inspiration. J. Crew blazer, Forever 21 dress + shoes, H&M Belt, Kate Spade sunglasses and Prada bag

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Pants Too Long? Buy Taller Shoes

My dear friend Cee (of To Brighten My Day fame) never ceases to crack me up with her little nuggets of wisdom. A few weeks ago when I was debating how much to hem my Theory pants, Cee made the comment (in the subject of this post) which I’ve been telling J (jokingly, of course) when he complains about my…

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