New Year Red

For those of you who celebrate, happy Lunar New Year (technically on the 5th, but by the time this post goes live, it will already be Tuesday in much of the Eastern Hemisphere)! I will be low-key celebrating by wearing red, likely donning the red coat worn here (and reviewed here), as red is considered an auspicious, all-purpose color in…

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Oversized Checked Topcoat (+ Mickey, WTF?!)

I wrote several sincere but ultimately meaningless paragraphs about my new coat, then decided my need to rant about J. Crew takes precedence. I’ll talk about this coat another time. Since news broke that Jim Brett resigned after just 16 months at J. Crew, I’ve been counting down the days until J. Crew announced its Q3 results. Because I was starting…

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Bête Noire

One “trend” that I decided early on in life that I would never partake in is fur, as I associated all fur-wearers with Cruella de Vil. Over the years, though, my anti-fur stance softened, and I found myself slowly gravitating toward pieces with fur-trimmed hoods, and eventually graduated into larger fur items like stoles. My resistance finally collapsed with the…

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