Puffer Jacket and Leather Mini (+ J. Crew Boy Shirt in Classic White Review)

When I first started stockpiling (or “collecting”) costume jewelry, I made the mistake of buying duplicates of highly-distinguishable pieces, like the J. Crew Bubble Necklace.   There was a time in relatively recent history when bubble necklaces were considered unique (hold your laughs); a time before the market became saturated with copies of these necklaces in every color, often of… View Post

Black, White, and Blue

No weekly shopping update this week because I have been too distracted by the beautiful weather outside to take pictures (even poor-quality phone pictures) of items from the last week. A roundup of some recent purchases: I splurged on two J. Crew Collection Cashmere Cable Sweaters (>70% off with code SPRINGTHAW), decided to keep the Kate Spade Lisa pumps in… View Post

Black Lace and Houndstooth

Ping, one of my favorite style bloggers and a dear friend, and I were chatting one random afternoon in July. At the time, she was doing a closet-cleaning and she thoughtfully asked if there were things in her closet that I would be interested in. Almost without hesitation, I asked if she had considered parting with her Free People lace… View Post

Yellow Maxi Dress : Take II

As much as I love J. Crew’s bubble necklace, the quality can sometimes be lacking. I have only had the black version of this necklace for a few months and one of the stones popped out the day I ran around town in this outfit. It’s a good thing the stone fell out in the car because I probably would… View Post

White Tweed & Turquoise Accents

On days when I can’t be sure what to wear, I like to start with a neutral base and add some colorful accents (be it a colorful belt, necklace or shoes – I try to keep the accent color uniform) to complete the outfit. Can you ever go wrong when you pair turquoise with white? Is there an infallible color… View Post

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