Wear It Five Ways : H&M Lace Dress

I should really rename this series as I often exceed the five looks demanded in the title because I feel that some looks undershoot my own expectations. I have been cheating on my boyfriend with H&M and it’s a tumultuous love affair partially fueled by all the great items I keep finding on sale racks, like the lace dress in…

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Wear It Five Ways : H&M Ruched Front Dress

I had mentioned this dress in an earlier post…I hastily tried it on when I first saw it but the size 2 would not zip up past my waist. It had been a tough day at work and the thought of trying on at least two more sizes did not appeal to me. I begrudgingly placed the dress back on…

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Wear It Five Ways : $10 H&M Puff Sleeve Dress

Ping has reviewed several H&M items in the last few weeks and I keep going to my local H&M hoping to find some of the items she reviewed…no such luck though so I mostly leave empty-handed. On Thursday night (the same mall trip during which I acquired the Ann Taylor Lightweight Donegal Knit Skirt), I went to H&M in search…

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