Hermes Belt


Mystery Solved

I puzzled at length over J. Crew’s deep discounts and Mickey Drexler’s “retirement” several weeks ago. Then, in late March, J. Crew shared financial results…

Floral Jumpsuit

Amid tepid performances in every retail segment, Urban Outfitters managed to grow its 4Q sales by 5.7%, helped most by an 8% increase in comparable…

Red Chili

Finally, there’s some respite from that prolonged, spirit-breaking cold snap. It’s warm enough (40s!), in fact, that I am playing hooky from work in order…

Ruffle Tweed

The floodgates have opened for after-Christmas sales, so those of you not looking to shop may need to take a break from the internet for…

Fleet Jacket

  Madewell Fleet Jacket in Desert Olive (size XXS; also sold here) || Leith Ruched Long Sleeve Dress in Black (size XS) || Ann Taylor…

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