Plaid Coat & Wooly Hobe

I received the Hobes Wooly Hobe as Christmas presents from a stylish friend, and they have barely left my feet on the weekends since. My favorite thing about the Wooly Hobe is that, because they are so warm and cozy (filled generously with super soft lambswool), you don’t need to wear socks, even on the coldest winter days. As I…

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Review: J. Crew Double-Breasted Topcoat in Wool Cashmere

For those in the market for an all-purpose, timeless overcoat that is suitable for milder winters, look no further than the J. Crew Double-Breasted Topcoat in Wool Cashmere (now 50% off in five colorways online with code GONUTS). The coat in “Radiant Orange” (pictured) is the only adventurous color option offered; if you are looking for something more classic (borderline…

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Tweed Jacket & Skinny Jeans

I am fast-forwarding through my rant about the weather, because it’s not even winter yet so I am going to save those complaints for another day. On to the sales! ♥ Nordstrom recently marked down hundreds of styles, including the Halogen Plaid Tweed Jacket seen above. Also on sale now (40% off!) is the Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific Long Wool Blend… View Post

An Ode to the Caterpillar Coat

A staff writer for The New Republic puzzled at length over full-length down coats in a piece titled “Against the Caterpillar Coat.” She called these coats “totally unnecessary” and think they “make their wearers look bound at the knees, like they couldn’t take a large step over a puddle of snowmelt if called upon.” She has enough awareness to note…

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Review: J. Crew Daphne Topcoat in Italian Boiled Wool

Setting aside the question of “do I need a wool topcoat” (in short: “no, for people who live in places with short periods of mild weather, they are inessential”) and jumping straight into the question of “why should I consider the Daphne Topcoat,” J. Crew’s Daphne Topcoat is an elegant solution for cooling weather that is priced reasonably (with a discount)…

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