Tunic Sweater & Faux Fur Coat (+ Free People Ottoman Slouchy Tunic Review)

A review of the Free People Ottoman Slouchy Tunic: It’s the perfect wear-anytime piece. The heavier weight ribbed-knit provides the tunic structure. It’s hardly buttery-soft, but is without a hint of itch.

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Holiday Sweater Dress

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing several holiday looks centered on “wearable” everyday pieces, as holiday dressing doesn’t necessarily entail glitter (okay, in this post, it does). Loosely speaking, holiday dressing can be distinguished in two ways: with color (red, green, gold); or with texture (velvet, sequins, brocade). If you incorporate just one of these elements and…

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Weekend Fur

The Classic Fur Coat (last seen here) that I am wearing here sold out quickly online, but its doppelgänger can currently be found on sale at Urban Outfitters (FP is a subsidiary) as a men’s coat. I like this (impossibly) plushy coat so much it’s found a permanent home in my car, where I can cuddle it whenever the mood… View Post

Bête Noire

One “trend” that I decided early on in life that I would never partake in is fur, as I associated all fur-wearers with Cruella de Vil. Over the years, though, my anti-fur stance softened, and I found myself slowly gravitating toward pieces with fur-trimmed hoods, and eventually graduated into larger fur items like stoles. My resistance finally collapsed with the… View Post

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