Hot Pink & Houndstooth

I still haven’t gotten around to hemming this skirt; the length is interesting when I wear five-inch heels but otherwise makes me feel stumpy. When it comes to lengthening the leg line, the general rules of thumb are: shorten the skirt or don taller heels. Is there another way? H&M top + blazer (similar), D&G skirt, Corso Como pumps, and… View Post

The February Challenge: Day 7 : Nude + Gingham

(I am trying to post chronologically but it’s proven difficult to do with my leaving the camera memory card all over the place so I am posting as I edit them. My apologizes) My wardrobe is a cautionary tale for impromptu purchases. Many of my “former flames” are rarely worn because of various issues with fit and this Dolce &… View Post

OOTD: Happy Election Day

Happy election day! I’ll admit it. I don’t follow municipal elections as diligently as I should so I spent all of last night poring over candidate information and their policy platforms. In a tumultuous time like the one we live in today, it’s ever so important to make our voices heard and our votes count. Making an informed decision is… View Post

OOTD: A Find

This jacket has a story. I first fell in love when I saw it on Her Waise Choice but it wasn’t available in a local store. Later, when I was meeting up with a few blogger extraordinaire they quickly informed me that they had hidden the jacket for me in a nearby store but by the time I got there… View Post

OOTD: On The Open Road

I love running, it’s one of those instant mood changers that is horribly addictive. I turned 25 earlier this year (still pretty young by most standards) but already feel old in my body. I started to experience joint and ankle pains from years of high-heel-wearing and running with bad form and have been trying to learn a less strenuous and… View Post

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