OOTD & Thanksgiving

We were blessed with good weather over the weekend so I was able to run around town without a jacket for the better part of my days. I am still in love with my Ann Taylor cuff and wear it all the time because I find it wildly entertaining. J. Crew Cardigan, H&M Skirt (similar), Chinese Laundry Tights, Corso Como… View Post

OOTD: Only A Tiny Bit Mismatching

A single fabric suit is timeless, multifunctional and versatile as separates but sometimes I can’t help but look for coordinating skirt suits that are a bit more fun and non-conforming. The set I am wearing below is from the same season, sold by the same retailer, and shares the same color code (Dark Loden). What’s your take on skirt suits… View Post

OOTD: Before the Snow

It’s been pretty miserable here on the East Coast these last few days and I haven’t had a chance to edit any recent pictures so here’s a set from a few weeks ago before it SNOWED in October. The next few posts will be reviews, I have been meaning to get them published but haven’t found enough motivation to actually… View Post

OOTD: Happy People Plan Actions, They Don’t Plan Results

“Happy people plan actions, they don’t plan results” – Dennis Wholey I had big plans this weekend – trip up North for alma mater’s big fall celebration, visit ex-roomie on the way back down and maybe even go to Six Flags before they close for the winter. Unfortunately, bf’s unexpected job commitment got in our way so we decided on… View Post

I made a few returns to Ann Taylor today after receiving my latest order but this Kissing Placket Silk Long Sleeve Shirt easily made the cut because of its lovely color. Excuse its wrinkled appearance, I didn’t have the patience to steam it before wearing it. The 0p is a bit baggy in the torso and arms but fit my… View Post

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