Review: Canada Goose Trillium Parka

Another winter storm, another winter coat review. Single-digit weather made impossible any outfit that doesn’t include at least one bulky item, which isn’t to say that you should resign yourself to looking like Michelin Man (but it’s not like you are committing some kind of sartorial sin if you do; just do you). As promised, I am going to quickly… View Post

Weekend Classics

On the weekends, when I am not twirling around in a tutu, I can often be found in a long-sleeve fitted dress, tall boots, a light jacket, and maybe a printed scarf. This is a safe, if somewhat uninspired, combination. To break the monotony, I make sure that at least one element of my outfit is somewhat unusual. Sometimes that… View Post

Check Print

Last weekend’s preview of summer turned out to be fleeting, and the wool and leather pieces that I had started to put away have been unpacked for chillier temperatures this week.  The many check printed pieces worn in this post put me in the mood to discuss the state of Burberry (last discussed here). Its C-suite has since been reshuffled:… View Post

Red Wool Trench

Around this time every year is when I would start to complain incessantly about the cold, and vow to move somewhere subtropical. So I found it alarming that (so far) I’ve felt no urge to complain or plot my move. For the first time in a while, I really (really!) love late fall, frosted windshield in the morning and all.… View Post

Bobeau One-Button Fleece Wrap Cardigan Review

Happy Black Friday, all!  The Bobeau One-Button Fleece Wrap Cardigan featured in this post is part of a limited time extra savings sale; sizes are still aplenty online and I picked up a few more as gifts for family members. A quick word about this cardigan, which is a perennial favorite at Nordstrom (with 3000+ reviews and 4.5 stars): as… View Post

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