A Classic

I ordered the Zara shoes worn in this post while on vacation during Thanksgiving, along with about eight other pairs of shoes. I had initially planned on returning my entire purchase but J said that after the amount of trouble I went through to browse the sale (including staying up until midnight and setting eight alarms on everyone’s phones lest… View Post

Trench Coat & Leopard Scarf

Two quick notes about the blog for regular readers. First up, by request, all links on here will now open in a new window. I didn’t know it was such a nuisance before and would’ve done it sooner if I knew. So, my apologies. Next, over the next two weeks I’ll be posting a few “year-end roundup” type of posts.… View Post

Review: Le Chameau Iris II Boots vs. Hunter Original Tall Boots

Read part I here. To the untrained eye, rain boots more or less look like carbon copies of each other. However, for the best boots, the devil is in the details. The Hunter Original Tall Boots and the Le Chameau Iris II Boots have a few minor differences that may make one the superior choice for you. I’ll quickly go… View Post

Review : Le Chameau Iris II Rubber Boots Part I

I had mentioned in the past that I (speaking only for myself) find rain boots with thick socks to be the most practical winter trekking footwear. I like the coziness and weight, or lack thereof, of uggs but they offer little in the way of protection against damp winters. If you are someone who finds herself walking into potholes filled… View Post

To Stud Or Not To Stud, That Is The Question

I bought this “nude” bag on sale from Zara last month on a recommendation from my friend CD. I adore the simple design but lately feel something is amiss. Is it too simple on the exterior to the point of bare? J. Crew dress (similar here and here) + necklace, Burberry trench, Zara bag, and Ann Taylor shoes I’ve grown… View Post

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