Review: Club Monaco Kaytee Fit & Flare Sweater Dress

One update that I am making to my work wardrobe is culling structured sheath dresses–which formed the foundation of my work outfits pre-pandemic but now feel too formal–and replacing them with weightier knit pieces that look just as polished but feel cozier. A new favorite is the Club Monaco Kaytee Fit & Flare Sweater Dress seen here. I had originally… View Post

Crossover Pants (+ Club Monaco Yolande Pant Review)

The rebirth of wide-leg pants has been a blessing for me. While I have mostly outgrown my adolescent issues with having muscular legs, a straight leg pant will perhaps never be comfortable for me. In contrast, wide-leg pants, especially truncated ones, are more comfortable than pajamas to me. So I have been buying all of them, or trying to, anyway,…

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(MOAR) Ruffle Sleeves

  Happy Last-Day-of-Fall! Here’s an outfit from warmer days. While the Halogen Ruffle Sleeve Sweater seen here is already sold out online (very limited sizes still available at Nordstrom Rack), the design (by Endless Rose) that Halogen copied is still available (and on sale!) at Bloomingdale’s (with extra discounts if your order exceeds $300). I feel very lucky to have… View Post

Red Chili

Finally, there’s some respite from that prolonged, spirit-breaking cold snap. It’s warm enough (40s!), in fact, that I am playing hooky from work in order to go for a run outside–something which I needed desperately. I went to college in New Hampshire, where brutal winters are standard, but as soon as the landscape thaws, however slightly, the whole school could… View Post

Weekend Classics

On the weekends, when I am not twirling around in a tutu, I can often be found in a long-sleeve fitted dress, tall boots, a light jacket, and maybe a printed scarf. This is a safe, if somewhat uninspired, combination. To break the monotony, I make sure that at least one element of my outfit is somewhat unusual. Sometimes that… View Post

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