If you are not looking to shop this week, I am sorry and have bad news: this blog will be even more shopping-centric than usual (if that were possible). The sale credited with destroying my shopping budget for the month is the Nordstrom Half-yearly Sale; I am lucky(?) to have like-minded friends who keep sending me recommendations and new finds throughout…

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Dots & Stripes (Boden Is the New J.Crew?)

British retailer Boden was founded as a mail-order business in 1991, two years after Popular Merchandise Inc. rebranded itself as J. Crew. Both companies found success in catalog sales, but J. Crew’s retail store ambitions overtook the company’s catalog-based model early on. Unlike J. Crew–which went public in 2006, and then was taken private again in 2011, Boden has opted…

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