Everyday Jewelry

I mention on this blog often that I don’t wear much jewelry in everyday life, primarily because I am clumsy, and secondarily because I eat with my hands a lot. That doesn’t mean I don’t envy those who wear fine jewelry with grace, I just thought maybe that life wasn’t for me. Earlier this year, though, I started to entertain… View Post

Floral & Gingham (+ Updated Infinite Style by Ann Taylor Rant)

  I ranted at length about Infinite Style by Ann Taylor last year, and then made a bold prediction: it’s doomed (if not to oblivion then, at a minimum, to irrelevance). While my feelings about Infinite Style haven’t changed, an update is warranted as new information have come to light. What I didn’t realize when I wrote my original post…

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Desk to Dinner: Drapey Jumpsuit

A good desk-to-dinner piece is necessarily unostentatious. The accessories you choose will determine what occasion the outfit is suited for. This drapey jumpsuitĀ (also sold here) is versatile because it comprises both casual and dressy elements: the moderate v-neckline allows for a range of neckwear; the fitted top and defined waist accentuate the billowy bottom; and the wide crop pantlegs lean…

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