Blazer Dress with Slip

You may have this item in your closet: you love it (thus can’t bear to part with it), but the fit/design is kind of off, or the fabric moves in a way that feels awkward to you. So you don’t wear it. Or don’t wear it as much as you would like to. This blazer dress was that for me.…

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Lingerie-inspired (+ ASOS Mini Slip Dress with Eyelash Lace Detail)

I have always had a soft spot for lingerie-inspired pieces (I still own these years-old D&G corset and bustier dresses), and am thrilled that it’s a key trend for spring. One way to mitigate their suggestive undertone is to pair them with superficially dissimilar items, like chunky knits, delicate tulle, or printed materials. My rules of thumb for adapting these…

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