Puffer Jacket and Leather Mini (+ J. Crew Boy Shirt in Classic White Review)

When I first started stockpiling (or “collecting”) costume jewelry, I made the mistake of buying duplicates of highly-distinguishable pieces, like the J. Crew Bubble Necklace.   There was a time in relatively recent history when bubble necklaces were considered unique (hold your laughs); a time before the market became saturated with copies of these necklaces in every color, often of… View Post

Relaxed Jacket and Leather Pant (+ BCBG Abree Relaxed Jacket)

These ultra affordable faux leather pants came highly recommended by Jean and for $9.95 I challenge you to find something better.  Two years ago you couldn’t have paid me to wear leather pants but here we are, what a difference two years make. I have come to embrace them as a slightly dressier alternative to denim.  BCBGMAXAZRIA Abree Relaxed Jacket… View Post

OOTD: Coke Zero Colors Revisited

I am trying hard to break the cycle of wearing red with a black and white outfit. Green, yellow, orange, pink, any other color will do…but I tend to reach for red, perhaps it’s because I’ve brainwashed myself with the amount of coke zero cans I surround myself with. Speaking of coke zero…recently, in an effort to ingest less chemicals… View Post

OOTD: Canterbury Blues

While February has come to an end, it is my hope that I’ll make buy less and wear more a permanent goal. Thank you, everyone, for your support and thoughts.  I am sort of sporadically working on a reflective post on the month but as I am a serial procrastinator it’ll probably be mid-march before its completion. In the meantime,… View Post

Petite Fashion Challenge #13 : Stylish for Under $100

I own a range of higher and lower priced items but it doesn’t often cross my mind how much I spend on individual outfits. In reviewing my old blog posts, I was surprised by how infrequently I wear some of the most and least expensive items. I guess I subconsciously go with the mid-range pieces. Annie of Really Petite is… View Post

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