Leopard and Bows

The main drawback to being my mom’s size is that I can never say no when she wants to “borrow” something from my closet (with no intention of returning). How do you say no to a woman who carried you for thirty-eight weeks, was in labor for close to forty hours, and then allowed you to spend her money with…

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Denim on Denim + Leopard Coat

I visited DC last month and met up with Cee, my favorite local, for some Ethiopian fare at Zenebech Injera, a hole in the wall near Howard University. Cee wouldn’t let me include her in my picture of the food and when I suggested that she pose with the food she ducked instinctively to the corner. Other than being completely…

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Tweed and Leopard (+ Ann Taylor Floral Leopard Jacquard Topper)

I caved and bought the Ann Taylor Floral Leopard Jacquard Topper last month after praising the “floral leopard jacquard” print effusively in a previous post. At first I couldn’t decide which of the three styles made in this fabric to purchase. Since I already own a leopard print skirt, my choices came down to the Maven Leopard Jacquard Pant or…

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