Asian Fashion Adventures: Mexy Shop

The first installment of this new series features Taiwanese retailer Mexy Shop. Jessy of Jessy Dust introduced me (along with her other readers) to the brand over a year ago and I’ve been intrigued ever since. In a word, Mexy Shop is “safe.” Safe in execution, safe in price point, and safe in design. It features few truly exceptional or… View Post

Jewel Collar and Bow Skirt

I am currently working on a series of posts which focus on Asian Fashion — globalization is both a gift (boundless selection) and a curse (limited funds). As always, I will try to intersperse new series with sale and outfit posts to reduce the monotony. But I can’t wait to share my thoughts about these specialty online stores with you… View Post

Striped Blazer + Pink Dress

This dress was part of the sheath dress buying rampage of July and after getting the dress in white I decided to part with this pink version when a friend became interested in it.  There’s something harmonious about the hot pink and navy stripes pairing and I’ve yet to figure out why. H&M blazer + dress, Ann Taylor belt, Prada… View Post

Watercolor Floral

I’ve said before that I am not one for crazy patterns and busy prints and I am even pickier when it comes to floral. This skirt from Banana Republic, however, is one of my favorite finds this year. I like that it is a departure from ubiquitous brightly-colored floral prints and has sort of a quiet grace to it that… View Post

Polka Dot Tank Dress

I have been wearing this polka dot jersey dress non-stop since getting it from Forever 21 a few weeks ago. The dress works well on its own but can be easily transformed when you add the right accessories. I see it being a nice addition to any vacation wardrobe – it is wrinkle resistant, takes up little room, and can… View Post

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