Crop Top & Bike Shorts

A year-long study in slouchy sweatpants and shearling slippers has left me with only vague ideas of what I should be wearing on my lower body. I had been fairly happy with my wardrobe before the pandemic hit, but now I look inside my closet and find its inhabitants dated and uninspiring. Before I figure out what’s next for me,… View Post

Cozy Casual

These photos were taken before the stay-home orders were issued That 2020 is proving a very weird and chaotic year is not a controversial opinion, but the speed at which we are hurtling through the year surprises me every time I look at the calendar: Can you believe we are somehow almost half way through the year… even Abercrombie’s new…

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Denim Hat

In an earlier post this month, I confessed to hoarding straw hats, but the scope of my hat problem goes beyond that. I also buy baseball caps and sports visors (and beanies in the colder months) regularly. One of my newest purchases is the Madewell Denim Baseball Cap (currently an extra 40% off with code VERYRARE): I like the low… View Post

Casual Lace

Just what is going on at J.Crew?! After my last rant, I became convinced that Mickey Drexler was setting up the pieces to retake the reins. Then news broke a few days ago that the man has suddenly decided to “retire.” Couldn’t he have retired a few months earlier? Before he (purportedly) drove Jim Brett out, with such ferocity that…

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[Dressed Up] Sweatshirt

Do you have a favorite college sweatshirt that you are struggling to elevate? (Not that everything in your closet must see the light of day.) My favorite way to wear these comfort pieces in cold weather is to top them with a patterned jacket to add visual interest. For anyone interested in the Oversized Topcoat in Check Tweed (last seen here), it…

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