Petite Fashion Challenge #22 : Cute Cold Weather Shopping Clothes

It’s been a while since I last participated in a Petite Fashion Challenge and amid the bedlam that is holiday season I almost forgot about this month’s challenge too. Luckily, I found pictures of this outfit from when I went shopping earlier in the month and think it fits the theme quite well. This month’s host is A Preponderance of… View Post

Petite Fashion Challenge #18: What To Wear To…Impress Your Date

Amber at Easy Petite Looks is the host of this month’s (ever so popular) Petite Fashion Challenge and the participants were asked to create a date night outfit (could be a girls’ night out or a night with your current or prospective romantic date). Date night, during which we get out of the house and stay out until all hours… View Post

Petite Fashion Challenge #13 : Stylish for Under $100

I own a range of higher and lower priced items but it doesn’t often cross my mind how much I spend on individual outfits. In reviewing my old blog posts, I was surprised by how infrequently I wear some of the most and least expensive items. I guess I subconsciously go with the mid-range pieces. Annie of Really Petite is… View Post

Petite Fashion Challenge #12 : From Night to Day

This month’s petite fashion challenge is hosted by I Am Khatu, one of my favorite fashion bloggers. She has challenged us to create a look that takes us from night to day and asked us to “restyle a glamorous look that you would typically wear for a night-out-on-the-town into daytime casual wear.”  To be perfectly honest I am not sure… View Post

Petite Fashion Challenge #11 – “Vacation Vogue”

I am a firm believer in “haste makes waste” but still struggle with making deadlines (even when it comes to blogging). I again waited until the very last day to pull something together.  I actually really like this month’s vacation-themed challenge, hosted by Alli at Ski Petite, but kept postponing the brainstorming and photo-taking process because I haven’t been on… View Post

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