To Stud Or Not To Stud, That Is The Question

I bought this “nude” bag on sale from Zara last month on a recommendation from my friend CD. I adore the simple design but lately feel something is amiss. Is it too simple on the exterior to the point of bare?

J. Crew dress (similar here and here) + necklace, Burberry trench, Zara bag, and Ann Taylor shoes

I’ve grown increasingly fond of the idea of studding the exterior flap; assuming I don’t mess up this could be a fun DIY. The big question is: should I stud and risk ruining a good thing? And the follow up question is: how should I stud it?

I played around with the bag in photoshop, came up with a few possibilities and thought I would seek your advice on this. Power in number, right? Feel free to recommend a completely different design as I am not particularly attached to any of these six.

J. Crew Extra 30% Off Final Sale

Quick post about the J. Crew extra 30% off sale – most sale items are final sale so make sure you live chat with their customer support team if you have questions about fit/material/details before placing an order. Use SHOPNOW for 30% off sale merchandise (thank you JCA for the code!)

I am a big fan of the Ella dress and the myriad of prints that it is available in. Strapless dresses are not exactly known for their versatility but the issue is one that can be solved by adding a cardigan or a cropped blazer.

Ella Dress in Medallion Paisley | Pop Art Polka Dot | Petal Eyelet | Porcelain Paisley | Rambling Rose | Garden Floral

I ended up with two of these dresses (and the embroidered filigree dress – also strapless) during the 40% off sale a few weeks ago so there will be no strapless dresses for me in the foreseeable future. The 00 fits about a size smaller than the 00P in the bust area so if you are busty take a size up.

I was undecided about the Ella Dress in Garden Floral but Jean’s timely tweet about its in-store price ($24) convinced me to get it.

Ella Dress in Garden Floral

Ella Dress in Porcelain Paisley

 I also really liked the Embroidered Filigree dress – this fits similarly to the Ella Dress in Porcelain Paisley and is on sale for $80(? could be less) in stores (before additional discounts).

Filigree-embroidered strapless beach dress

The Icon Trench and the Matinee Trench are both fan favorites and the icon trench is still available in sizes 00 to size 14.

Matinee Trench | Icon Trench | Capelette Coat

And who can ever say no to J. Crew’s pencil skirts in as many color and in as many prints as your heart desires. The 00P will likely fit someone with a 25-in waist and 33/34-in hips best and add half or three-quarters of an inch to the base measurements for the next size up.

Pencil Skirts in Hologram Tweed | Printed Sequin | Neon Tweed | Basket-weave Tweed | Circle Eyelet | Feather Paisley | Pop Art Polka Dot | Garden Floral

One item I got and liked in the last round of sales is the Director dress in Bi-stretch wool. One thing that I didn’t like about this dress is that there is a lot of room in the belly area (I assume it’s to disguise food babies but who knows?) and so I’ve decided to sell it (or attempt to; if I can’t I’ll just keep it)

Happy shopping!

OOTD: Twice the Fun

One of my continuous goals is to avoid buying duplicates but I always manage to find an excuse to justify my purchases. I own the J. Crew townhouse trench in heather caramel, and now in flaming red. The red was actually my first choice but it sold out early on in smaller sizes (probably because Atlantic-Pacific wore it on her blog) and I eventually settled for heather caramel. A few weeks ago a dear blog friend of mine decided to part with hers after finding out about her pregnancy (congrats M!) and I was there to swiftly pick up what she decided to discard.

I figured it was fate because I Am Khatu has been styling this coat (to perfection, might I add) just before I got my hands on one. She does make it look irresistible, doesn’t she?

J. Crew coat, H&M blazer, BB Dakota dress, LOFT necklace, and Ann Taylor pumps

Do you buy duplicates of a tried-and-true favorite? Or are duplicates never a good idea?

OOTD: Polka Dotted Guilty Pleasure

I have a confession to make: I totally cheated on my challenge. Last weekend I wore the polka dot dress from F21 that I bought recently to go shopping.

One of my favorite blog friends was interested in buying this dress and asked to see a picture. Since I can never find time to take pictures when I am home, I thought I would just wear it out and ask J to take outfit pictures for me.

The dumb thing is that it was too cold that day to remove my coat for pictures so I didn’t even get a good enough picture of the dress to show her. K, I owe you one.

F21 dress, J. Crew coat & belt, Talbots cardigan, Chanel bag, and AV booties

Polka dots are all the rage these days, have you succumbed to this trend?

The February Challenge: Day 8 : Crested

I went through a phase when I loved crested blazers and “collected” a few. I have since decided that they can be a little too prep school and now face this dilemma between keeping them or donating them.

J. Crew coat & skirt, Talbots blazer (similar), Yesstyle blouse (similar), Ann Taylor belt & shoes, and Prada bag

What are your thoughts on crested blazers?

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