Weekly Link Roundup

1. KFC added Nashville Hot Chicken, a regional specialty known for its two key ingredients—lard and cayenne pepper, to its menu last month. It’s enough of a novelty for me that I’ve gone like every day every other day since its introduction. While it’s far from being the “best spicy chicken [I‘ve] ever had,” it‘s definitely worth a try if… View Post

Weekend Link Roundup

1. I invariably find room for just one more tweed jacket in my closet. I recently added this J. Crew Metallic Tweed Jacket to my collection and am very pleased with the purchase. J. Crew’s tweed jackets rarely disappoint; I continue to wear the Dauphine and the Maple every other week or so, and the cost per wear must be… View Post

Weekend Link Roundup

1. I was running an errand some time ago and saw this fluffball just chilling in his car (I use male pronouns for all dogs that I meet, until corrected). I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures. (I really need to get my own dog.) 2. A heartbreaking read: Baby Doe via the New Yorker. (Related link: The Poverty Clinic.)… View Post

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