Weekly Link Roundup

♥ Why Ships Keep Crashing (The Atlantic): “Seldom does a ship get stuck in the Suez (though it does happen every few years), and seldom does a maritime disaster attract such attention. But even though the world is incredibly dependent on ships … major maritime incidents are surprisingly common … 41 large ships were lost in 2019, and 46 in… View Post

Weekly Link Roundup

♥ Majorities of Americans see at least some discrimination against Black, Hispanic and Asian people in the U.S. (Pew Research Center): “Sizable majorities across racial and ethnic groups say Asian people face at least some discrimination; 42% of Asian Americans say that Asian people face a lot of discrimination. By comparison, 36% of Hispanic people, 32% of Black people and… View Post

Weekly Link Roundup: March 14, 2021

♥ For a limited time, shop the Theory Outlet Flash Sale and take up to 80% off hundreds of style. My picks: Easy One-Button Coat in Double-Face Wool-Cashmere, Perfect Raglan Trench Coat, Square Neck Dress in Ribbed Crepe, Albita Flare Dress in Mélange Stretch Linen, Crewneck Sweater in Stretch-Wool, Turtleneck Sweater in Cloud Wool, Pintuck Dress in Crepe, and Ribbed… View Post

Weekly Link Roundup: March 7, 2021

♥ Chronicles of a Bubble-Tea Addict (The New Yorker): “Along with experiences such as strict parents, or a familiarity with the question ‘Where are you really from?,’ a fondness for bubble tea was … a signature trait of Asian youth… a boba liberal is someone who centers her Asian identity in buzzy cultural objects and ‘trend-chasing spectacle’ but lacks true… View Post

Weekly Link Roundup: March 1, 2021

♥ McDonald’s Joins the Fierce Fight for Chicken Sandwich Supremacy (The New York Times): “In recent years, American fast-food customers have embraced chicken and, in particular, so-called Southern-style chicken sandwiches. Consumers in the United States ordered 2.6 billion of the crispy, juicy sandwiches last year … Fried chicken sandwiches were the second-most ordered item on the DoorDash platform, just behind… View Post

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