Weekly Link Roundup: January 22, 2021

♥ Magary: I Tested the Dumbest PPE of All Time – the Rich Guy COVID Helmet (SFGATE): “… the battery on the Air helmet lasts a whole four hours … You can accessorize your literal headspace to your heart’s content. But you’re still wearing a weird-ass helmet, and you still gotta carry it around, and take it off when you… View Post

Weekly Link Roundup: January 15, 2021

♥ Why a Vogue Cover Created an Uproar Over Kamala Harris (The New York Times): “The selected photo is determinedly unfancy. Kind of messy. The lighting is unflattering. The effect is pretty un-Vogue. ‘Disrespectful’ was the word used most often on social media … Vogue had not granted any kind of contractual cover approval rights to Ms. Harris. That meant… View Post

Weekly Link Roundup: January 8, 2021

♥ Why COVID Couldn’t Stop the Hungarian Production Boom (The Hollywood Reporter): “Like the rest of the world, Hungary was hit by the coronavirus pandemic and, like the rest of the movie business, COVID-19 shuttered film and TV shoots at studios in and around Budapest. But Hungary was one of the last places to shut down — low infection numbers… View Post

Year in Review: Must-Read Articles of 2020

I know this list looks long, but every article is worth reading (or re-reading), so bookmark them all. You won’t regret it! ♥ Happiness Won’t Save You (The New York Times): “It was the quintessential Philip Brickman conversation. A man lingers on the rooftop of a high-rise, despairing. He makes his way toward the edge. And after some time — seconds? minutes? hours?… View Post

Weekly Link Roundup: December 25, 2020

♥ Oysters in France, KFC in Japan… Do They Know It’s Christmas? (The Economist): “Christmas is a curious blend of the universal and the local. The food served to celebrate it encompasses more variety than a box of chocolates, yet most of us assume that the flavours of our country’s Christmas, the treats and sweetmeats that mark out the day… View Post

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