Weekly Link Roundup

♥ Why People Keep Asking Which Vaccine You Got (The Atlantic): “After a year of awkward conversation, the United States has entered vaccine exuberance. People are sharing vaccine selfies, posting photos of their vaccine cards to Instagram, and even just broadcasting tips on where they got appointments or found short lines … Some people are even comparing the vaccines as… View Post

Weekly Link Roundup

♥ Why Ships Keep Crashing (The Atlantic): “Seldom does a ship get stuck in the Suez (though it does happen every few years), and seldom does a maritime disaster attract such attention. But even though the world is incredibly dependent on ships … major maritime incidents are surprisingly common … 41 large ships were lost in 2019, and 46 in… View Post

Weekly Link Roundup

♥ Majorities of Americans see at least some discrimination against Black, Hispanic and Asian people in the U.S. (Pew Research Center): “Sizable majorities across racial and ethnic groups say Asian people face at least some discrimination; 42% of Asian Americans say that Asian people face a lot of discrimination. By comparison, 36% of Hispanic people, 32% of Black people and… View Post

Weekly Link Roundup: March 14, 2021

♥ For a limited time, shop the Theory Outlet Flash Sale and take up to 80% off hundreds of style. My picks: Easy One-Button Coat in Double-Face Wool-Cashmere, Perfect Raglan Trench Coat, Square Neck Dress in Ribbed Crepe, Albita Flare Dress in Mélange Stretch Linen, Crewneck Sweater in Stretch-Wool, Turtleneck Sweater in Cloud Wool, Pintuck Dress in Crepe, and Ribbed… View Post

Weekly Link Roundup: March 7, 2021

♥ Chronicles of a Bubble-Tea Addict (The New Yorker): “Along with experiences such as strict parents, or a familiarity with the question ‘Where are you really from?,’ a fondness for bubble tea was … a signature trait of Asian youth… a boba liberal is someone who centers her Asian identity in buzzy cultural objects and ‘trend-chasing spectacle’ but lacks true… View Post

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