Wear It Five Ways : Oversized Pink Blazer

It’s been months since I last browsed or purchased anything from YesStyle. I would say this blazer played a critical role in alienating me from the Asian fashion store. picture from the review post In the year or so since I bought this blazer, I have worn it maybe twice and wanted to burn it immediately afterwards but guilt about… View Post

Wear It Five Ways : High-Low Skirt

Where do I begin with high-low skirts? Or, as J likes to call them, mullet skirts. I was at first ambivalent about them but as soon as I tried one on, it was instant infatuation. The skirt catches the wind in such a romantic way and I can’t help but become a high-low skirt convert. The skirt is easy enough… View Post

Wear It Five Ways: Striped Dress

It’s been months since my last WIFW post – it’s long overdue. It really is a good way to weed out impulse purchases that have no staying power. I will strive to do one of these posts every week (on Wednesdays – Wear It Five Ways Wednesday! ha!) So, this week I decided to feature this striped dress from Forever… View Post

Wear It Five Ways : Gold Sequin Mini

The fashion blogosphere is the perfect breeding ground for clothing fever. A few years ago I would longingly look at sequin dresses usually available for the holiday season but submit to the reality that I am too plain of a dresser for them. However, after seeing sequins skirts styled so successfully on numerous bloggers, I decided to buy one to… View Post

Wear It Five Ways : Ann Taylor Polka Dot Cascading Ruffle Blouse

I made a major purchase recently so I am putting myself on a ban from casual browsing – there are simply too many temptations out there with retailers liquidating their leftover stock. I plan to be extra critical of my recent purchases too and make returns when necessary. I bought this past season Ann Taylor black and white polka dot… View Post

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