Wear It Five Ways : Red Tights

Bright red tights are incredibly difficult to wear. For me, at least. I bought two pairs of colorful HUE tights on a whim last winter because I needed a pair of navy ones but the accompanying red pair was quickly stuffed to the back of my tights drawer. If I had my choice of shade, I would pick a deep… View Post

Wear It Five Ways : Purple Schoolboy Blazer

Blazers are undoubtedly versatile – there are hundreds of ways to wear one. I think “styling” a blazer is much easier compared to finding one that fits just right. A carefully added blazer can be the force that pulls together an otherwise humdrum outfit. It refines but doesn’t flaunt. These days I voluntarily wear blazers without a dress code to… View Post

Wear It Five Ways: Leopard Print Dress

My plunge into the world of leopard prints has resulted in a gradual infusion of leopard into both my casual and work outfits. I’ve had a new appreciation for spotted prints since my introduction to them a little over two years ago. They add just the right amount of fun to one’s outfits when the rest is a simple mixture… View Post

Wear It Five Ways: Diane von Furstenberg Lace Zarita Dress

Few women I know can resist the lure of lace dresses; I, for one, am a hopeless fanatic. I have lace dresses in various styles and colors but my “collection” always feels one short of being complete. One dress that I’ve pined for is the Diane von Furstenberg Lace Zarita Dress, a fan favorite that has returned season after season… View Post

Wear It Five Ways : Yellow Blazer Part I

One of my favorite finds from H&M recently is this yellow collarless blazer (retails for $49.95; see it on Jean of Extra Petite & Cher of A Fashion Deliberation; it’s available in stores in yellow, red, seafoam, and black). This jacket is the lovechild of a classic silhouette and a trendy color – making it an incredibly versatile and on-trend… View Post

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