Balloon + Pencil

Last week’s winter storm wiped the fall colors that were exuberantly on display from the landscape, and left in its wake a bleak palette. While temperatures have actually rebounded from the month’s lows, the disappearance of fall foliage is a bitter reminder that winter is near. And when it’s cold, I dress to compensate for the unrelenting bleakness that I…

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Cold-Weather Essentials

Serious winter gear is unsexy: it’s a corner of fashion that does not allow for much personal expression and is ruled by practicality. It’s the stuff that is often unseen in an outfit post, but if you live in places with cold winters, they are the most crucial. —————————–  UGG SHEEPSKIN GLOVES  —————————– I hoard gloves… in part out of… View Post

Tunic → Dress

In the right hands, tunics are infinitely wearable. Swap a standard-issue crewneck sweater for a tunic worn casually-tucked, and your skirt suit will instantly look 8x cooler; or throw it over some slinky wide-leg pants to join the menocore fun. My favorite way to wear a tunic is to wear it as a dress: all that’s required is a slip…

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Review: J. Crew Easy Pant in Lace

A closet favorite, the J. Crew Easy Pant in Lace, has returned in four colorways this fall. It was a marquee piece in my bleisure wardrobe so I wanted to quickly review the item now that it’s on sale (sale details below). What my outfits lack in bright colors, I try to make up in texture and prints, as those add…

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Express Style Trial Rant (Here We Go Again)

I have made no secret of my skepticism about mid-market clothing rental services (see my rants about Infinite Style by Ann Taylor here and here). And I unsurprisingly gave news of the launch of Express Style Trial side-eye, as I feel Express is even less suited for the rental model than Ann Taylor. Why a meaningful number of people would… View Post

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