A Guide to Getting COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments in Connecticut

To skip my rambling, jump below the fold. And an obligatory disclaimer: every state’s scheduling process is different, so the following tips ONLY apply if you are trying to make an appointment in Connecticut. —————————————————————————— My parents finally became eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine with the latest round of eligibilities. I had started to call my mom “Teen Mom” for being… View Post

Cold-Weather Essentials

Serious winter gear is unsexy: it’s a corner of fashion that does not allow for much personal expression and is ruled by practicality. It’s the stuff that is often unseen in an outfit post, but if you live in places with cold winters, they are the most crucial. —————————–  UGG SHEEPSKIN GLOVES  —————————– I hoard gloves… in part out of… View Post

Tunic → Dress

In the right hands, tunics are infinitely wearable. Swap a standard-issue crewneck sweater for a tunic worn casually-tucked, and your skirt suit will instantly look 8x cooler; or throw it over some slinky wide-leg pants to join the menocore fun. My favorite way to wear a tunic is to wear it as a dress: all that’s required is a slip…

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How To: Convert a Dress Into a Top

About a month ago I wrote a Wear It Five Ways post on different ways to wear a lace dress and received a few requests to show how I turned the dress into a top. All you’ll need for this easy transformation are four safety pins OR fashion tape. This dress-to-top trick works best on fit-and-flare dresses – I have… View Post

Navy Top & Navy Dots

I recently heard from a few ladies who share my dilemma – have athletic calves but love skirts and dresses of different lengths – about how to keep proportions in check when donning dresses and skirts that fall below the knee. When it comes to midi length skirts – I am a one-trick pony. Really, the only thing that has… View Post

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