I own a few BB Dakota items, mostly dresses, and the quality isn’t poor. They have some cute stuff for pretty reasonable prices. I think they are sold at Nordstrom’s as well (don’t quote me on that though). PLNDR is related to Karmaloop? I have heard of people having pleasant experiences but this will likely be my first purchase with… View Post

Running Gear & Others at Nike’s Clearance Sale

I consider myself an avid runner, I do about 50-70 miles a week depending on my mood. I typically run on the treadmill in my house since improper outdoor training resulted in my back injury last year (not to mention this summer has been grilling hot). Over the years, I have amassed some 200+ t-shirts from various clubs, charities, sports… View Post

Hunter Wellington Boots On Sale for $57.49!

Hunter fans! Get these before they run out!! They are on sale for $57.49!!! Still available in size 5 for lots of colors Link HERE I found this deal when I was browsing for deals on jackets and if you like Hunter Wellington Boots, you know they are rarely discounted this heavily. Shipping is a tad bit high at $11.00… View Post

GAP 40% Sale

I heard about this some time ago but had forgotten to post about it. Apparently if you sign up for a Gap Credit Card on Saturday, August 14 (that’s tomorrow), you get 40% off your entire purchase of regular-priced items. View Post

Victoria Secret Clearance + Coupons!

I am not the biggest fan of Victoria’s Secret “clothing.” After all, they are a lingerie company. However, they do occasionally have cute things and when those things go on sale, a good value for the price. I do want to mention something though…VS is definitely hit or miss for me. I have had really nice stuff come in the… View Post

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