Ruffles and Pleats

J and I went to see the Dictator last weekend. We are usually the takeout and HIMYM rerun crowd but couldn’t resist SBC‘s latest work. We love (and cite endlessly lines from) Borat and crass humor so the Dictator is very much our cup of tea. If you enjoyed Borat but found Bruno to have crossed the line (with excessive… View Post

OOTD: Green Dress

I have an odd affinity to the color green. To be honest I didn’t care for the color before college but after attending a school whose mascot and school color are both green for four years, I eventually grew to love it. Now I can’t walk into a store and not be stopped by things in green.  Do you have… View Post

OOTD: Daytime Sparkles

I was in Boston last weekend visiting some friends (undernourished law students who start finals this week) and it was COLD. I was woefully underdressed but somehow managed to get a few outfits pictures without losing any digits on my hands. So for people who wonder why I look unhappy in pictures, it’s because I was so cold. I am… View Post

OOTD: Skirt Length Dilemma

One of the challenges in wearing my shorter Burberry trench is skirt length. For some reason my aesthetics are trained to enjoy coats no more than 3 inches shorter than the skirt/dress so this has proven to be a unique challenge. This particular outfit was comfortable to wear but in pictures bothered me because the trench seems two inches too… View Post

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